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Updated version of the Kindle Fire 7" tablet by Amazon with 1280x800 HD display. Released September 2012. Repairing this device is straightforward.

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My kindle fire dropped in a puddle

My whole kindle fell in a huge puddle and got completely wet. I put it in rice right away. But what else can I do and is the kindle going to be OK?

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kelly hennessy, which Kindle is it? For now, do not try to power it on or to charge it. This could make things worse...


its a kindle fire hd 7inch screen. i have had it in rice and in my car during the day for the heat. i finally got enough gumption up to try the power button and.......nothing =(....then i put the power cord in and the the words "kindle fire" lights up but the word doesnt move in the center like its suppose to. and the power button wont turn it on.. ok so now what? i bought the 91% alocohol but not sure what to do. and have a little hope because it did light up!! =)


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kelly hennessy, the very first thing I would suggest is that you no longer try to turn it on or to charge it. this could cause further damage. Disassemble your Kindle, by following this teardown. It is a teardown and not a concise guide, so do it slowly. Once you have it disassembled remove the battery and clean everything with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol. Use a small soft brush to clean all the connectors. Do not forget to clean under every EMI shield etc. and do not forget the power/sync connector Be very conscientious how and where you clean. Once it is cleaned replace the battery reassemble and re-evaluate.

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