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Model A1419 / Late 2012 / 2.9 & 3.2 GHz Core i5 or 3.4 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac13,2

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Custom firmware and screen re-fixing

I'm considering one of these 27 inch beasts but I'd rather put my own SSD in there =)

My question is twofold then :

1. If I replace the internal HDD with my own SSD (Sandisk Extreme), will the fan run at high speed in the same way they did in previous models due to custom firmware/cables/whatever, and if so could I fix this somehow ?

2. Buying the screen tape kits to reattach the screen, does it need to have pressure applied for a long time to reattach, or does it need some special kind of clamp to hold it in place until it fully adheres again, or can I just plonk it in place and good to go ?

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I think you are going down the wrong path here.

First, you will have issues with the systems fan control as the system expects a sensor internally in the HD (in your case the SSD which doesn't have one). Apple now has a custom HD connector in these newer systems which also makes things tough. You may have problems connecting your SSD to it. You can get an external sensor to trick your system but given the cost and the modifications you would need to make I don't think it's worth it. Sure you can use Fan Control software to override the fans but then you'll wear them out sooner and if your system is getting hot the software doesn't adjust things as well as what Apple has designed from the get go.

Why don't you just get the Apple SSD (or third party offerings) and put it in, keeping the HD. Review the iFixIt SSD guide. While its more work your system will be much better off.

I couldn't live with such little storage as the current crop of SSD's offer. I need space! I've almost filled my 2TB drive with vids and music plus all of my work stuff. I don't want off system storage (other than backup). In my case I have a NAS for that in my closet. I have a very clean desk keyboard mouse and my iPad dock.

I think you'll also find overtime you wish you left the HD in...

As to the tape you don't need any clamps. You do want a heat gun or hair dryer to heat the glass to soften the adhesive to make a better bond after you have put the new tape down or even reuse the tape if its still good.

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Yep, its that fan control I was referring to. I read on the web that there were various custom cables and firmware used by Apple which meant replacing them resulted in the fans racing.

I wouldnt consider a software solution at all.

The issue I have with Apples own SSD is the additional cost, which I cant run to.

There is a kit on Maxupgrades that plugs a small controller board into the custom SSD socket and then allows you to install 2 x SSDs and even run them in raid configuration.

That would be doable for me, but not at the cost of the fans racing, hence my question. I know it was an issue in earlier models but wasnt sure if they still used the custom setups.

Has it been confirmed they still use these custom drives / connectors ?


Yep, its still a custom setup more so now as the drive header is custom. But whats with this Maxupgrades thing?? If it fits into the SSD port then you don't need to touch the HD at all. Do you have a link to it? So I can check it out.


Link posted above already :)

It appears there is a controller chip that connects to the custom SSD connector and then a double 2.5 inch cage that replaces the existing HDD and accommodates 2 x HDD or 2 x SSD.

Of these 2, one uses the original motherboard connection and the second has a cable connecting it to the controller chip.


Its probably not a 'controller' chip as such, more likely they have found how to connect a standard connection to that custom connector on the motherboard and then added a cable and a cage so you can accommodate 2 drives instead of one.


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