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Model A1237 or A1304 / 1.6, 1.8, 1.86, or 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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MacBook Air and the Hinges of Doom :0

I have broken down a macbook air with the right hand hinge gone, to repair. I have done ones before where the LDVS Cable or audio cables had been broken therefore had to split the display case.

It is possible to part the hinges without having to split the display case? It is normally the lower bit that breaks on all of them.

If anyone knows how to do it that would be great. Thanks for all your help in advance :)

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Unfortunately not. you will need to remove the lower part of the display bezel to remove the hinge itself, as it is held in with 2 torx screws... it is much easier to work on if you remove the display entirely, although it is not necessary. the other annoyance is the combo card antenna that sit in the hinge cover. you can remove the display without having to remove the logic board, but will need to keep the display very close to the body so you dont damage the antenna. its annoying, i know

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If the hinge goes it appears that antenna cover (grey plastic) normally splits so you have to break the machine down to the display unit to refit a new one, unfortunately.

Thanks Jon for your reply! I have bought screen tape off you in the past the bookyard where it says you work in your profile. I can whole heartly recommend your company :)

Could you tell me why there are loads of people on ebay selling just the lower portion of the hinges if this is case? are they just selling bits that will not fit/work.


I appreciate your feedback. I do work for TheBookYard in liverpool. Its always appreciated when a customer passes our details on, thanks.

Thats odd, i haven't come across those listings. can you post one here so i can have a look at it? the hinge mechanism is in two parts, but the gasket is attached by the black pin on the lower section. if that pin is damaged or broken it will fall apart, but that renders the hinge useless. this is what the hinge should look like in one piece.


ebay hinges from hong kong.

There are lots on there they don't look identical to the original bits. But some are black, some are silver. In this listing is says about splitting the hinges, and that is isn't easy. I think I will have a go at separating a broken one and report back what happens. I bet it is just impossible to get the clips back on. Plus how do you get a good finished item removing the bezel partially. Do you add more tape, how do you clean it up if you don't take the bezel off completely? or do you just warm it up take it apart double quick then try to stick straight back down. It is going to be really noticable if there is any visual imperfections. Thanks Jon:)


Sorry, this section was too long at add as a comment, so i've had to add it as a new response...

I would stick away from purchasing hinges that are not complete. Because its a moving mechanism, you dont want to mess around with trying to finagle a working solution, especially when there are 2 different revisions of the hinges that are manufactured slightly differently internally... they cant have made it compatible with all 3 types.

As for the display bezel, i recommend my staff use a heat gun to heat up the adhesive holding the bezel in place (just be careful that you dont melt the grey rubber surround, as it has a much lower melting temperature. point the heat gun at about 45º away from the LCD) then use a square bit of blister-pack to get in between and slowly separate it from the lid panel.

I dont use the heat gun anymore because i can get a good separation with just the plastic strip. You need to make sure you dont lift the bezel at all, because aluminium stretches very easily and it will leave stress marks. if in any doubt about it, just remove the whole bezel. You will then need to clean up all the tape residue and reapply a thin double sided tape before sticking it back down. As long as you dont lift the bezel up too much, it will be fine to reuse. the slight bevels will straighten out fine when its fully off the body, but over stretching it will leave marks.

its a similar process to removing an ipad digitizer or unibody macbook/pro glass panel when going around the edges.


Thanks for your Help again jon. Basically it is a pain :) When I did others I just used a thin butter knife (1mm thick) & hair dryer. I didn't have problems bending the bezel the thing I found was the rubber scagging on the very edge as the knife passed through the tape. I did it very slowly, 2-3hours. I take it is just practice.


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