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Mid-range desktop PC made by Dell. Model number 4600.

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power shutdown (110V plugged to 220V).

what will i do if i accidently pluggged a supposed 110V only to a 220V...the CPU has no power...

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Not sure how you got to fit the plug into 220V, anyway your first failure could be the power supply. Check on that.


might have used a adapter. i do believe power supplys do have a internal breaker of some kind to avoid a damaging serge, i might be wrong. but future reference there should be a red switch that switches to different volts depending on your power supply it usually has 115v to 220v.


i had the same problem, my 110v air compressor accidentally plugged in 220v.. pls help what should i do?


Hi @denzkie ,

Post your 'comment' as a new question on ifixit.

Here's how How to Ask a Question

Give details regarding make and model number of the air compressor and any relevant details that may help.

Doing this will gain more attention to your problem and hopefully get you better answers, than a comment posted on a 5 year old question about a Dell desktop computer.


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try to remove and open the power supply, you will find a glass fuce installed, check if the inner tin wire is open, used multitester to check the fuce resistance to make sure fuce is good or not, if not, replace same fuce ampere value....Gb

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will check it later...thanks!..=)


Your power supply or adapter already damaged, try to replace it or send to electronic shops for repair.


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If you haven't switched it to 220V and directly plugged in to it then your power supply is defiantly gone. All you need to is to open up your CPU cover and see what kind of power supply it is. Then you can order similar power supply online from eBay or Amazon.

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