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My PowerBook G4 is not getting online, How do I fix this?

Hello all,

my g4 is not allowing me to get online. Also, I can't copy or burn files, it just says not enough space (even though I have plenty).

The clock resets back to the 60's (why I don't know), and it doesn't save my wireless settings I have to keep entering it. I think it could be my battery, it's only holding it's charge for 15 min without being plugged.

Please help!

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The clock reset is an indication your main and/or CMOS battery is shot, in addition to time it also stores network and display settings.

An old main battery can drain completely when there's no power connected, and then the backup battery must immediately take over the preservation of PRAM contents, but it can only hold them for a relatively short time. If AC power isn't reconnected before the backup battery too has been drained, all the contents of PRAM are lost. This is why it's a good idea to leave the power connected to a machine as old as yours.

The space might be the CD you're trying to write too (most are <800MB) OR free space on your HD (should be 20% of total HD, so if you have a 20GB HD you should never have less than 2GB free).

Check your network setting manually to ensure that wireless is enabled, or that your Ethernet card settings were not removed. (Use System Profiler to ensure that you network cards are not broken-if they don't show up in the list they are).

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You can 'fix' your clock issue if you zap your PRAM

But, as it was said above, you should keep the AC power connected if your battery can't hold it's power for too long or else it will get back to 1969.

And now I know why that happened to my PB G4, thanks to this answer above...

Oh and you'll notice you can't do much with your laptop once the clock gets to 1969, so I would say you should manually set it to 2013 before trying to do anything else.

About the 'space' issue, I don't really know why this happens, but I only fix mine when I reformatted and went back to Tiger (10.4.6 is the only one to boot, others didn't).

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