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A sanitary disposal device for human waste. No plumber necessary! Fixing a toilet is more straightforward than many people think.

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toilet bowl doesnt hold water

toilet bowl doesnt hold water, it flushes fine and wax ring doesnt leak. Tank fills and flushes but water doesnt stay in bowl

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I installed a Kohler 1323429 toilet. Bowl is slowly losing water.


I installed a brand new toilet, but when the water is off you can hear water draining from the toilet, what is causing that, the toilet,tub,sink,is all one drain


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tom hogg, of course, this may be a difficult question to answer since we do not know the make and model of your toilet ;-) Remember that the water stays at a given level because of the u-bend, which is called a trap, within the porcelain of your toilet. The shape of the bend will determine the height of the water level. So, it is possible that that there is a crack in the trap of the toilet its self and the water is slowly running down the drain (lucky you ). The other, and actually more common issue can be a clogged or improperly installed vent. One way you can check for a plugged vent by flushing the toilet, When the toilet then fills and the tank shuts off the water to the toilet, turn on the hot and cold water on the closest fixture to the toilet, most likely your sink or the tub. If the water level moves in the toilet you have a clogged vent. The change in the level will happen within minutes. Check the vent where it sticks up through the roof and look for obstructions. You can use a snake to snake out the vent stack or flush it with a garden hose (could be messy). The other problem can be a partially clogged downstream drain line. That could siphon the water out of the toilet. give your system a good cleaning with a snake and see what happens. Hope this helps, good luck.

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If there is a partial clog in the vent pipe, Why would running the water nearest the toilet impact the water level in the toilet?


@tryinghard syphoning effect from the other drain if it connects to the same vent stack. It would sypon it out as the other drain empties to equal the pressure.


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Did you check the flapper? I think there is a problem with the toilet flapper, replace with a new one.

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This happened right after my cleaning person was here. I've seen her dump a bucket of dirty water down the toilet. Wonder if there was too much debris in the bucket? I live in a 22nd floor condo. Help!!


Pam, a friend of mine once did that at my place and realized too late that she hadn’t taken a rag out of the water before dumping the bucket. Down it went! That was super fun. I had to snake it. I ended up scratching the !&&* out of the porcelain in the bowl because I’d never used a snake before and didn’t know it would scratch. Snaking it cleared it, but the toilet bowl had obvious ugly grey scratches forever after. It looked like a child had scribbled around the bowl with a pencil. Until the day I moved several years later, I never stopped kicking myself and getting upset all over again every time I saw those stupid scratches.


I have the same problem my father in law installed mine a few days ago and I’m having the same issue


Those scratches come out with cameo cleanser, bar keepers cleanser, or magic eraser

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It’s not the flap if the water is replaced when you flush the toilet and there’s water in the tank it’s just that eventually the water drains out I’m having the same problem and I don’t know what it is the other two toilets are fine


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