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Model A1051 / 4 or 6 GB hard drive

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iPod Mini Replacement Battery does not seem to be charging.

I replace ipod battery with the ipod mini replacement battery.

When i plugged in the ipod with the ubs cable to the pc the battery icon showed about 10% charged. I left the ipod plugged in over night. The battery icon still showed about 10% charged. The battery icon has not shown that it is charging. I have plugged the ipod into a docking station and there is no indication of it charging. I have also plugged the ipod into a wall connector. There still is no indication of it charging. I took the battery out and reinstalled it to be sure everything was seated. When I plug the ipod back into the ubs connection there is no indication that the battery is charging. I have noticed that after 2 or 3 minutes that the ipod is plugged in the screen goes off.

Do i have a bad battery or another problem.

Thank you

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rrectorcpa, there is always a possibility that it is the dock connector or even the Power Management IC, but I would suggest you get another new battery. There are quite a few that are not charging, and it is definitely a greater possibility. Once you have another new battery, use a multimeter and see what voltage you get on your battery contact with the iPod plugged in. You should get more the 3.9V

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You can try this I guess it can help you to solve iPod-charging problem.

If your iPod is off or dead just plug it a charger let it charge. It will charge slowly. Or connect the iPod to a computer and let it charge. Just enough your computer will detect it. You have to do restore. Once you can use iPod while its connecting to your computer. Try this.

Turn on WIFI once your connected. If your have your FIND MY IPAD on you have turn it off. It won’t allow you to restore it. Go to PRIVACY then LOCATION service make sure its on the go to FIND MY IPAD turn it off it will your Apple ID and password once your it off. Open your iTunes it should detect your iPod already, which you can restore it. If it doesn’t ask to turn off FIND MY IPAD go ahead restore. You will have fresh restore what ever you have there will be deleted. NOTE: you will need to backup if you files that you need. Once it’s done. You will now be able to charge your iPod with out or using your iPod.

Note: You might need 10W charger or try the original charger

Thanks and all the very best!!!!

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This isn't relevant for this device, no? iPod mini is old school :)

There's no Find my iPhone for this old dog.


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Before replacing you battery, if you had let it set for an extended time and let it discharge to far then the batter will NOT take a charge....YET!!!!

ALL Lit batteries require a minimum battery charge level to function, so they should never be left to fully discharge.

Now try to bump charge it.

Use the external battery adapter, plug the cable into the adapter and into your ipod, now plug the adapter into the wall outlet for half a second remove it and plug it back into the wall, do this 4 times in like 2 seconds (just do it quickly), finally leaving it plugged into the wall.

This same process also worked on my Nikon's battery with a charger block. just leave the battery/device attached to the charger and unplug that AC adapter only.

This process can force that minimum level back into the battery so it can take a normal charge. I have done this on several "dead" batteries. reports are most batteries being replaced are not dead but require this bump charge to get the minimum back into them.

Now spread the word .... or look like a wizard to your friends.

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