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How to remove the broken off earplug jack in iPod Touch?

The metal end of the earplug jack broke off and is trapped inside the connector canal.

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Thank you for your suggestion but I can't think of anything that could fit in there to grip it.

Tear it down? I can't see how to open it up? I would if I could. Is it possible to open the itouch back plate or screen? I don't see how?


A straightened paper clip will usually suffice:-)


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You can try your luck at removing it from the outside but it would be difficult due to the male end is clicked into place and you need a good grip to get it out.

But if you tear it down you might have a better chance at getting it out.

I hope this helps you, Good luck.


Most headphones jacks have a small hole in the bottom of the hole covered with a tape of some sort. simply push a needle into the hole and you can easily push out the broken head phone plug.

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harvey rabcihow, this is an answer from a previous question in regards to broken off piece in the jack."You can try and find something a little smaller than your head phone plug and hold your phone horizontal and use some crazy glue to glue it to the piece that is still attached. Make sure of course that you do not get any into the jack. You can also try to use some very small surgical tweezers if you still have enough to get a grip on. Otherwise you may have to replace the jack" Also, remember that the jack is hollow, even so it is very small, you can try and use a very small wood screw or sheetmetal screw and gently tru to screw it just a little bit into the stuck end, Once you feel a bit of resistance, try to pull it out. It will not take a lot of force, just touch to get a grip on it. Definitely use some sort of magnifying source and excessive force will not be necessary. If you need some visual help with the repair of the jack, check on here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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