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Model A1237 or A1304 / 1.6, 1.8, 1.86, or 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Single Beep No Boot. RAM issue?

The MacBook Air was was working perfectly fine when suddenly the screen froze and I had to do a force shutdown. After that when I tried to boot, I got a Single Beep with intervals of ~5 seconds. If I press and hold the power button, the light flashes continuously for 4 seconds and then it beeps.

The screen is blank and there is no processor or hard drive activity while it beeps.

I have tried the 'CMD+R+P' and press and hold 'D' boots without any success.

This is most likely a RAM issue but since the RAM is soldered on, I cannot reset it as most guides have mentioned.

This is what the motherboard looks like:

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Whatever happened with your computer? I am experiencing the same thing, and anticipating the worst.


Try to disconnect the battery if it is possible on the MacBook Air and press the power button for about 30 seconds with battery and power adapter being removed - this will reset all capacitors within the book and RAM is a kind of (very basically).

If this does not bring any success I think the RAM is bad.

Regards, Stone


Hey all if it is beeping it's the ram.

Remove the main board

Use a heat gun to heat up the ram on the back and the front

Let the board cool

Done! Worked for me


I've had this problem and searched high and low - and despite warnings by 'professionals' to throw the Macbook Air away - I took one long last approach to clearing what was probably a moisture contamination issue on the mother board - Simply remove the Main motherboard - then clean it carefully with a solvent using cotton bud swabs, then into the oven at 190deg C for 9 minutes - and hey presto it came back to life perfectly. Trust me this is scientific.


heat gun from both sides helped me as well!!! don't be afraid, I put the gun quite close (3cm/1inch) and kept it until I count to 10, then other side and repeat until I was able to hold the board on the edge. Nothing was melting and I didn't believe it would help, I was prepare to put the board on my shelf as decoration, but it really worked! I'm so happy (-:


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Yes--according to Apple one beep means no RAM installed. Link provided.

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I have the same issue. DId you manage to fix your Macbook Air in the end?

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Thank you! It works!!!

I took the mother board out, took off all rubber and plastic protections, put it in the oven at 190 Celsius degrees for 9 minutes, as NIck Justice suggested.

It works!!! My MacBook Air came back to life!

Some tips… I used some crumpled paper (like small balls) to avoid the board touching the oven tray. I also let the oven get to the right temperature before putting the board into it.

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Hello everyone! Thank you very much to Nick Justice and andregrillo.

The first time I cleaned the logic board using isopropyl alcohol in the region of the RAM chips, applied solder flux and tried to heat it up with the heat gun. It worked, turned on and stayed on for about 5 minutes, then it turned off again, returning the beeps.

In a last attempt I decided to try to put it in the oven as you suggested, I left it there for 13 minutes at 180-210 C.

Worked perfectly! I've been using it for 1 day, and I haven't had any more problems!

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