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The Motorola Atrix 4G is dual-core Android-powered phone by Motorola. Model Number: MB860.

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Screen cable ribbon tear


So because of opening up my phone a couple of times, the cable on my atrix 4g which is supposedly connected to the screen (according to the tear down ) has developed a taer on one of the corners and because of that the screen doesnt seem to power on. I never took off any cables just removed the motherbopard a couple of times (therfore had to disconnect the cables from it). Can i get just the cable from somewhere online or my whole screen needs to be replaced. The screen worked perfectly before this happpened.


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Dude, I'm sorry to inform you that nobody could just replace the cable of the sceen. It seems that the only thing you could do is to replace the LCD. However, by just replace the LCD, you have to separate the digitizer from it, which is a little bit inconvinient. Otherwise you have to replace the LCD and digitizer assembly. You could check this link to find what you want Good luck

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I did the same thing. The ribbons can not be replaced as they are part of the screen. I got my screen replacement from RepairsUniverse as they are based in the USA.

The parts are here - Motorola Atrix Screen Replacement

They also included a video repair guide which I found useful for the installation.

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