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tumble dryer drum turnning but no heat

i have a beko drvs-62w the drum is turning but there is no heat on any settings all help appreciated wife going mad

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It's either the rear element approximately 20 pounds from eBay or the front thermostat 10 pounds from eBay.

I replaced both parts on mine and it now works. (I believe it was the front thermostat which was faulty)

There is videos on YouTube for replacement of both.

Hope this helps.



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william porter, based on your dryer, it looks like you are somewhere in the UK. I do remember that your household voltage is somewhere in the 240Volt range and that your appliance all run on 240V, even the motor sides. Anyhow, as for your dryer, hold the start button in for a few seconds this will reset it. Try it again and see if it will heat then. If not, you may be having trouble with your thermostat. If you have a multimeter, you can check for continuity on it. The other thing you can try is to go into service mode and reset. The way you do it on a drcs68w, so may be it'll work on yours as well. To do this, move to delicate, turn on dryer and keep pressed down cancel button for about ten seconds release then all lights should flash when you press cancel again machine will go through test mode , then just turn machine off. It is now reset. Of course you also want to make sure that there is not obstruction on your dryer vent. Clean it out thoroughly and make sure there are not obstructions. You could try and remove everything from the vent and run it for a few minutes to see if it works. The other thing to try is to measure the heating element for continuity, to ensure it is not fractured. If you find that the heating element is at fault, it is not to expensive and readily available, most of them come with the temperature sensor installed.Hope this helps, good luck.

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Good catch! didn't think of that (UK)


I have a Beko DCU 7230 that turned but did not heat. I pressed/wiggled the reset button, lightly tapped the themostats with a screwdriver, wiggled connections, cleaned water tank, filters, condenser unit and then held the start button for a few seconds. Not sure which one was effective but it is working fine now. Thanks.


This reset mode does not work, I held the button for 10 secs then let go (no lights flashing


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If this is an electric only dryer I would make sure the fuse or breaker in the main power panel hasn't blown. Remember the heaters use the 220 side and the motors use the 110 side. It could also be the heater coil inside the dryer is dead. Good luck!

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I have a Beko DRVS 62W and first the drum stopped working so had that sorted then there was no heat so I changed the heating unit but still no heat am I missing something

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