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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

Phone does not turn on

Your life line to your friends and family will not turn on, what should you do?

Drained/dead battery

Plug your Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro MK16A phone into its charger and make sure the charger is plugged into a working outlet. Give it some time to try and charge. If it still will not hold a charge go to the next troubleshooting solution.

Phone does not hold a charge

Your phone does not hold a charge and you are afraid it may be dying.

Too Hot/Cold

Make sure your Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro MK16A phone has not been exposed to extreme temperatures within the day. If it is either very hot or very cold make sure to allow it to adjust to room temperature and try charging it one more time.

Dead Battery

If your Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro MK16A phone still will not hold a charge your battery may be dead. If that is the case you may need to replace the battery (Battery Replacement Guide).

Phones keyboard will not type

Your keyboard will not work and you cannot survive without texting.

Buttons are sticky

If your Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro MK16A phone’s buttons are sticky and will not work they may need to be cleaned. If this is the case you will need cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, and a bowl. Put some rubbing alcohol in the bowl and add some water to it. Then, carefully put the solution on a cotton swab and gently clean the keyboard buttons that are not properly working. When this is done make sure to dry the buttons off with a clean cotton swab. When this is done try using the keyboard again. If it still does not work you may need to replace the keyboard.

Phone’s main buttons are unresponsive

Your main buttons do not work and you’re used to using them constantly.

Phone not responding correctly

It is possible that your Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro MK16A phone is just not responding correctly when you push the buttons. To see if that is the case, first try pushing the buttons a lot harder than you’re used to doing and see if it responds that way. If that does not solve your problem, try restarting your phone and see if it works then. If it still does not work refer to the previous troubleshooting questions and try cleaning the buttons.

Buttons are sticky

If the buttons are sticky or may just need to be cleaned refer to the guide above detailing how to clean your phone’s keyboard if its buttons are sticky. The guide works the same for the main buttons so do not worry about that.

Phone’s touch screen is unresponsive

The whole point of getting this phone was to use a touch screen, what do you do now?

Phone’s been on too long

Sometimes a phone’s touchscreen will stop working properly if it has been on and been used too long without turning off. Try restarting you your phone and not using it for a little while. If the touchscreen still doesn’t work, try taking out the battery and putting it back in and turning your phone back on.

Dirty screen

Sometimes a phone’s touchscreen will stop working properly when the screen is too dirty. To solve this follow the cleaning steps used in “buttons are sticky” under “phones keyboard will not type”. Once you clean your screen, try using the touch screen again to see if it works.

Too much memory taken up

Sometimes when too much memory is added to the phone and settings are changed the touchscreen can get messed up. As a final try, factory reset your phone. You will lose everything you’ve added to the phone, but hopefully it will fix the touchscreen.

Need a guide for dead screen.Replacement guide specifically .I know the production has stopped but any help will be appreciated.

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