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Samsung SGH-X105 Troubleshooting

Cell phone made in 2003 by Samsung for T-Mobile. Identified by model number: SGH-X105

Phone won't turn on

Battery is dead

If your phone doesn't turn on, then the battery may need to be charged. The battery will need to be replaced if it cannot hold a charge.

You may purchase a new battery here.

Logic board is broken

If your phone still will not turn on, then the logic board may be damaged and will have to be replaced.

Faulty keypad

Damaged keypad

The rubber keypad may have sustained physical damage. If the keypad is damaged, it might be causing a poor connection with the internal buttons on the logic board. Therefore the rubber keypad will have to be replaced.


Debris such as sand or water may be hindering the connections between the rubber keypad and the logic board. Carefully wipe away all debris from under the keypad to ensure a good connection.

Broken logic board

If removing debris and replacing the keypad does not solve your problem, then you may need to replace the logic board.

Faulty or broken screen

Poor connections

A blank screen may be caused by loose connections between the screen and the logic board. Check these connections before replacing any parts.

Broken screen

If the screen has significant cracks, internal debris, or does not show anything at all, then the screen itself may be in need of replacement.

Broken logic board

If neither of the above two solutions remedy your display problem, then the logic board may be the damaged and therefore will need to be replaced.

Weak or no signal

Broken antenna

If your phone is not receiving any signal, or is receiving a weak signal, then the antenna may be defective and in need of replacing.

Broken logic board

A weak signal or no signal at all may be caused by the phone’s logic board. First, check the connection between the logic board and the antenna. If you do not find any connection issues, then the logic board many need replacement.

Service problem

Signal problems may be a result of wireless interference or a service issue with your provider (T-Mobile). Try moving to another location (such as stepping outside a building) to see if your signal strength improves. If you are still experiencing poor signal, then contact your service provider to check for known outages / issues.

Crackling sound or no sound at all from speaker

Faulty Antenna

This may be caused by weak signal reception due to a faulty antenna. Try finding a location with better reception, if the problem continues, then you may need to replace the antenna.

Faulty Logic Board

If the problem persists after finding better reception and/or replacing the antenna, then the issue may lie in the circuitry within the logic board. If this is the case, then you will have to replace the logic board altogether.

Faulty Speaker

If you've replaced the logic board and antenna, and the problem still remains, then the speaker is a potential source. You may need to replace the earpiece speaker to remedy the issue.

Soft or no ring tone

Faulty Loud Speaker

If there is a soft ring tone, or perhaps no ring tone at all, try increasing the volume of the phone. If the volume is on maximum and the problem still persists, then you may need to replace the loud speaker.

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