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Samsung Galaxy S II T989 Troubleshooting

No matter what I do, the phone is not turning on.

  • Charge the phone using the provided Samsung approved charger
  • If the battery is dead and will not charge, see the Battery Replacement Guide
  • Make sure the power button is not faulty and does not have residue blocking it.

When I touch the screen to open an app, or attempt to select any icons, the phone is unresponsive.

  • Make sure your hand and the screen are dry since water can cause interference with the touchscreen.
  • Make sure the screen is clean since a layer of dirt or dust can cause a poor contact between your finger and the screen.
  • If the phone is constantly displaying a black screen while occasionally vibrating there is a high chance the motherboard is damaged. This can happen if the phone is dropped, overheated, or damaged by moisture.

When I turn the phone on, no display appears on the screen.

  • If the phone is turned on but the inside screen is not displaying, check the screen for visible damage.
  • If there is no visible damage to the phone and the phone is charged, the phone will need to be replaced.

When I try to play music or watch a video no sounds come from the device.

  • Increase the volume and verify device is not set to silent mode

When I attempt to use the camera app, the screen is completely black!

  • If there is no image displaying when the back camera application is being used, clean the back camera with a cloth to remove smudges or residue. Also verify nothing is blocking the camera.
  • After cleaning with the cloth, if the problem persists then check the camera connection to the motherboard by following the Inner Plate Replacement Guide to open the phone. After the phone is open check that all of the tabs are connected.

When I attempt to use the front camera, the screen is blurry and sometimes completely blank.

  • Clean the front camera with a cloth, in order to remove smudges, residue, or any foreign substance possibly blocking the camera.

When I turn on the phone, there is no graphical display on the screen.

  • Verify with cellular provider if the SIM card has been initialized
  • Verify SIM card in place.
  • Verify that SIM card is the correct type for the phone and that it is activated. See the SIM Card Replacement Guide.

When I try to increase or decrease the volume on the phone, the phone is unresponsive and the sound level does not change.

  • Verify device is on and phone is not set to silent mode
  • Moisture damage can affect any electrical component of this phone, to check for this remove the battery and check that the white square is white. If the square is red that means there is moisture damage.

How do I replace the micro usb charging port, the connections feels loose and wont charge the device.

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Bonjour Les fonctions home neuf fonctionne pas s2 t989 Merci d'avance

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