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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

Samsung Galaxy Express 3 Troubleshooting

Released in May 2016. identified by model number SM-J120A.

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Samsung Galaxy Express 3

Phone Will Not Power On.

The phone will not power up or respond to power button.

Faulty Charging Port

Make sure that the charging cord is plugged into the phone and is allowing the phone to charge. If the phone does not charge, try using a different adapter or cord. If it is still usable, consider replacing the charging port.

Faulty Battery

Clean out the battery’s slot, including the battery connector, before re-inserting the battery. Make sure that the charging port is working and is plugged into a functional outlet.

The battery may have had some sort of malfunction. Try replacing the 2050 mAh lithium-ion battery. Samsung Galaxy Express 3 Battery Replacement

Touch Screen Unresponsive

Screen does not respond to any touch inputs.

Faulty/Broken screen

Sometimes the phone may have a hardware or software problem. First, try to restart the phone by holding down the power button and select ‘Restart’ from the pop-up menu.

If there are any visible cracks replace the screen and/or digitizer you may need to replace it. Samsung Galaxy Express 3 Screen Replacement

Dirty Screen

Use the scratch-resistant cloth or wipe to make sure the screen is dry and clean. Use only up and down strokes to maintain a clean consistent look. Make sure cloth is clean and rid of all dirt or dust.

Faulty SIM Card

The phone can be turned on but won't show any software.

Broken SIM Card

If the phone can turn on but won't show anything on the screen, you may have a SIM card that isn't working. Replacing the SIM card is an easy way to fix this issue. Try replacing the SIM card here: Samsung Galaxy Express 3 SIM Card Replacement

Broken Power Outlet

Use a different power outlet source. Sometimes the circuit may be turned off or have malfunctioned. Try using a power outlet in a different area.

Dirty Charging Port

Dirt, dust, and other debris may have accumulated in the charging port. Use compressed air to blow out anything that may be in the charging port. If compressed air won’t work use a pair of narrow tweezers to carefully grab any debris.

Distorted or No Audio when on Phone Calls.

The audio during phone calls is distorted or non existent.

Unresponsive Front Speaker

Sometimes there may be a software problem that causes the phone to not use the speakers. Restarting the device may solve the issue. Restart phone by holding down on the power button for three seconds and selecting ‘Restart’ from the pop-up menu.

Broken Front Speaker

If the front speaker is blown or broken, you may need to replace it.

Distorted or No Audio when Using Auxiliary Jack

The audio is distorted or non-existent when using an external audio device plugged into to an auxiliary jack.

Faulty Auxiliary Jack

The connection may be lost for the auxiliary cord. Try unplugging the auxiliary cord and plugging it in again. You may need to clean out dirt, dust or other debris stuck in jack using compressed air.

Broken Auxiliary Jack

Another option may be using a different auxiliary cord.

Unresponsive Home Button

Home button does not respond.

Faulty Home Button

Sometimes the phone won’t receive the signal from the home button. One option may be to restart the phone to see if the phone picks the signal back up. Sometime there may be water damage or debris that is causing the home button not to work. Use compressed air to try and clean around the button or under it.

Broken Home Button

Replacing the home button may be another option. Samsung Galaxy Express 3 Home Button Replacement

Blurry or Obstructed Camera Lens

Pictures appear to be blurry or obstructed.

Faulty Camera Lens

The camera lens may be responsible for poor quality pictures. The settings may often be the issue. In settings, change the shutter speed to ‘normal’ or ‘fast’. Another resolution may be to turn down the ISO light sensor also in the settings. The last settings fix would be to increase the lens aperture in settings.

Dirty Camera Lens

If the settings won’t help the issue or if the camera is clearly dirty or broken you may need to clean the camera lens with a scratch resist cloth or wipe.

Broken Lens

If the lens is broken you would have to replace it. Samsung Galaxy Express 3 Rear Camera Lens Replacement

Cannot find a way to increase text size as examples show.

Mack Johnson - Responder

Once in a while it saids in Odin mode and it's a white screen

Wes Evans - Responder

It's got a white screen and sometimes it says in Odin mode

Wes Evans -

Can not turn my blue tooth on

Missy - Responder

I will not let me turn it

Missy - Responder

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