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Microwave light is no longer turning on

The light bulb is burn out

"It's so dark in there!"

All light bulbs reach the end of their time eventually. Visit Replacing Light Bulb for guidance.

Microwave is not heating

"Your food is still cold!''

Magnetron may be dysfunctional

The magnetron is the element which creates the microwaves. One reason for food not heating up could be a magnetron that isn't working. This could be due to a faulty magnetron, faulty wiring, or other reasons. The magnetron is perhaps the most dangerous element in the microwave so fixing it may be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken. We recommend getting an entirely new microwave if this is the case, but keep reading! It might be something else that's wrong!

Other components may be broken

Testing other components is dangerous as well but with rubber gloves and some caution, anyone can get away unscathed. One component that may be broken is the capacitor. The capacitor is what stores energy and if it is broken, it may cut the effectivity of the microwave in half or kill it completely. Visit Replacing the Capacitor to learn how to replace it.


"My microwave is producing an unexpected light show"

Dirty Microwave

Unclean microwaves may have some material inside that causes sparks. Stray pieces of tin foil or other items may cause sparks.

Misaligned Magnetron

The magnetron is responsible for creating the microwaves which heat the food. If it is somehow misaligned, it may be aimed at spots which cause sparking. We do not suggest trying to fix this problem. Sparking Microwave will give you guidance.

Door Won't Open

"The lever isn't opening the door"

The mechanism is broken

Open up the microwave. The door/lever mechanism will probably be visible and look like white plastic pieces and levers that move one another. Visit How to Repair the Door Handle to learn how to fix the levers.

The door is jammed

Find out what's jamming it. Press down the lever and pry open the door if you have to.

Microwave is too quiet

"It used to be loud and obnoxious but now it's great!"

Broken fan

If your microwave used to be loud and is now suddenly quiet, stop using it. This means the fan is broken. The fan is there to prevent overheating and operating a microwave without a working fan is dangerous. Visit Repairing Microwave Fan to learn how to solve this issue.

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