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NOTE: If you have a question about the Linksys E1200 Wireless Router that is not addressed on this troubleshooting page, please go to the following troubleshooting link for additional information.

Troubleshooting page

Lost connection or slow connection

If you are losing connection or your connection is slowing down you may need to take steps to prevent overheating. Overheating is a common issue with this device as they need proper ventilation. It can also be caused from overloading. For steps to prevent overheating follow this link.

Linksys e1200 wireless router Maintenance to Prevent Overheating

Interior damage of device

If your device is not working properly and you think it might have to do with the hardware itself, maybe it had been dropped or damaged or you hear something rattling within, you can use the following link for general disassembly of your device.

Disassembling the Linksys E1200

Ethernet port works randomly or not at all

If your device is not powering on, it may be due to the Ethernet connection. There are 4 ports and 1 or more could be damaged or loose. It may also have to do with the connection itself or the cable. If you are experiencing difficulties connecting to the Ethernet port follow the link for instructions on how to repair it.

Linksys e1200 Wireless Router Ethernet Port Replacement

Adaptor cord is damaged

If the adaptor that came with your Linksys E1200 has a damaged cord, please see the following link to learn how to repair the adaptor.

Linksys E1200 Router Power Adapter Replacement

Device is running slow

If your device is running slow and you want to maximize its speed, you may need to clean the device. Sometimes dusts and hairs can cause the device to slow down or overheat even if the device isn't visibly dirty.

How to prevent overheating

Tahisha Hicks - Responder

How to accomplish a general disassembly

Tahisha Hicks - Responder

How to repair an the ethernet port

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How to repair the adaptor

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How to clean the device

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