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The battery is not holding a charge

After fully charging the Kindle's battery, the device still has a low battery.

The device cannot receive a wireless signal and is constantly trying to reconnect

One possible problem that can cause the battery to lose power quickly is the device cannot connect to a wireless signal and constantly attempting to find and connect to a new signal. To prevent this from happening, put the Kindle in "airplane mode" to stop the Kindle from trying to connect to a wireless network. To turn on airplane mode, access the menu and turn the "airplane mode" switch to on.

The battery is bad

Another potential problem that can put a drain on the battery life is a bad battery and it needs to be replaced with a new one. Use our guide to install a new battery into the Kindle 2.

The screen is frozen or unresponsive

The screen remains frozen on the same page.

The battery life is low

When the Kindle 2 has a low battery, it can cause the device to freeze or work very slowly. If your Kindle 2 screen freezes, first try charging the battery. To do this plug the Kindle into a wall outlet.

The device needs to be reset

If charging the battery does not unfreeze the screen, it may need to be reset. to do this, hold the power switch for 20 seconds, then release. The reset screen should appear.

The device is skipping pages

The pages turn without you turning them.

The same account is being used on multiple devices

If you are ever reading a book on your Kindle the pages begin to magically turn without you pushing the next page button, it could be that you are logged on to more than one device. If someone is reading the same book on another device under the same account you are using, it can cause some issues when trying to stay on the page you want. To fix this, log off your account on all other devices other than the one your are using.

The screen is not rotating

The screen does not rotate with the device.

The battery needs to be charged

One possible problem that could cause the device to not rotate the screen could be a lack of power. To recharge your Kindle 2, plug the device into a wall outlet using your Kindle 2 device charger.

The settings need to be changed manually

Another possible issue is that the "Screen Rotation" option could be turned off. To change this option back so that the screen rotates, go to the home screen and select the "Menu" button. From the menu, select the 'Screen Rotation' option and select the option to turn screen rotation back on.

The screen has lines across it

Black lines appear across the screen blocking the text and pictures.

The Kindle may have been affected by other electronic devices

The Kindle 2 screen is sometimes affected by other, usually more powerful, electronic devices around it and can cause the screen to display black lines. If this is the cause of the problem, resetting the device will remove the black lines on the screen. Hold the power switch for 20 seconds, then release. The reset screen should appear and the black lines should go away.

The screen may be defective

If resetting the device does not remove the black lines from the screen, the problem is more than likely that the screen is broken. To replace the screen with a new one, refer to the Kindle 2 Screen Installation Guide.

the reset is not working iv tried a few times its still on the stand by screen but wont switch on at all???

heather.bennettdoy - Responder

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