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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

HTC Desire 700 Dual Sim Troubleshooting

Released January 2014 by the HTC Corporation

Device will not power on

The phone does not turn on or respond when power button is pressed

Faulty battery

Plug the charging cable into the device, and then plug the charging cable into a working electrical outlet. If the indicator light at the top of the phone illuminates when plugged in, press the power button. If the phone powers on, the battery is likely the problem and must be replaced.

Faulty charging port

If the battery and charging cable are both functional and the phone still does not power on when plugged in, the charging port of the phone may be faulty and can be replaced with a new charging port PCB board as shown.

Motherboard damage

If it is determined that the software of the phone is at fault in the issue, the motherboard may be replaced by following this guide.

Overheating/Faulty Battery

Note that the most common cause of overheating in smartphones is being kept in cramped conditions. Ensure that the phone is open to the air while charging or after active use. The battery will stop charging as a safety precaution if kept charging in cramped conditions, so be sure that this is not the case before replacing parts

Faulty battery

If the phone is overheating, check to see if the heat source is coming from the battery. If the battery is a factory installed Li-Po 2100 mAh battery and is overheating, it is likely faulty and can be replaced.

Third-party batteries

If the battery is still the source of overheating, ensure that the battery is a factory grade Li-Po 2100 mAh battery. If it is the proper battery type, but is distributed by a third-party source, it may very well likely be the problem. Third-party batteries can dangerously overheat, resulting in a complete loss of the phone and should be replaced immediately with a sufficient Li-Po 2100 mAh battery.

Speaker replacement

If the bottom receiver speaker is no longer functional, it must be replaced.

Replacement of bottom, front facing speaker

If the speaker located on the front of the device is inoperable, it may be replaced by following procedures shown in this guide.

Camera replacement

Either camera can easily be damaged as they are quite fragile. If this happens, they can both be replaced.

Front facing camera replacement

If the front facing camera located on the front of the phone has broken, it may be replaced by following this guide.

Rear facing camera replacement

If the rear facing camera located on the back of the phone has broken, it may be replaced by following this guide.

Other hardware issues and repair

Miscellaneous repair issues for the device.

Damaged rear panel replacement

First, remove the back cover of the phone with your fingers. Next, remove the 8 torque screws securing the rear panel to remove and replace it as shown.

I am facing few issue please let me know if you have any idea or suggestion

Issues are as follows:

1.my phone gets hanged while restarting or turnng it on. only after removing battery for 5-6time is gets started properly and sometimes again automatically restarts in between.

2. Getting issue error system crashed

3. Not able to open camera and google play store

I have already done factory reset still the same

Please let me know if its hardware (motherboard/lower-board ) related issue or software?

Chitrank Mathure - Responder

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