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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

Cutter blade not functioning

The cutter blade is not cutting tape and bends it.

The cutter blade is dull

The tape cutting button may need to be pressed more firmly. The cutter blade can become dull with frequent use and require replacement. You can order a cutter unit (stock no. TC-5) at the website for brother.

Device will not turn on

Possible problems with power and printing could be batteries and AC adapter or broken.

The label printer does not power up

If after pressing the "ON" button, the device does not turn on and if this is happening right after the device is removed from the original package. First step will be to check if the 6 "AAA" batteries were installed. If the device has been used a few times and is powering off/on, remove the back and check to see if batteries are placed in correctly. Neither "AAA" batteries or adapter are included with the purchase of this device, here is the model while searching for the AC adapter: HQRP adapter for pt-1290 brother.

Cannot print

When a key is pressed or trying to print the power turns off. It most likely is low or drained batteries. Replacing all the batteries of the same type should resume printing. Another issue could be that the AC adapter is loose by not being pushed in fully either on the wall or the device. In some situations the AC adapter could be damaged and has to be replaced before replacing it, try to make the label printer work with batteries. To ensure it’s the power cord that is failing and not the device.

Face plate is cracked or broken in someway

Broken piece or pieces causing trouble with typing. The face plate is damaged and making it difficult to type or making it impossible for you to type. In that case the face plate needs to be replaced.

Keyboard is not responding

The LCD screen does not show the letters after I type them.

Keyboard is torn/broken or has common wear and tear

The keyboard is not responding or certain letters, after being pressed don't come up. After you already checked the batteries and AC adapter the problem is most likely the keyboard. Replace keyboard, so then accurate typing can take place.

Refer to the keyboard repair guide for futher instructions.

LCD screen complications

While turning the device "ON" no messages get displayed on screen or only error messages are showing.

Error messages popping up on screen

Messages appearing on LCD screen as in text too long, check batteries and line limit check. The error message for "TEXT TOO LONG" may because the format you were using. You would have to go back set format back to "AUTO" or the correct format to fit the label length/width to correct size. Another error message that may appear is "CHECK BATTERIES", this may happen when the batteries are drained/low and need to be replaced. "LINE LIMIT CHECK" error message is when you hit the enter key by trying to add a third line or even tried printing/previewing while 0.13"/3.5mm or 0.23"/6mm tape is installed. You therefore would have to install tape that's a larger size. Additional information for correct tape size, error messages is on brother.

LCD screen not turning on at all

Narrow down the list by making sure the batteries or adapter is functioning. If the LCD appears to be dead then replacing the battery is the next step.

LCD screen having issues

If you’re seeing displays lines, patterns or black spots (dead pixels) or liquid crystal material spilling out, then it’s time to replace the LCD screen.

Tape cassette not working properly

Tape is separating during printing or tape gets jammed in the machine and will not print.

Tape cassette may have not been loaded properly or could be for a different model

Pulling out the tape, tugging at the tape while the label maker is printing will cause separation.

Check to see if tape came loose or check if both types of ribbon(clear/colored) are under separate the tape guide, which if not could cause the printing tape to separate.

Making sure proper installment to the label maker when inserting the tape (that's it's not backwards/wrong direction, and it's at the corner of the tape cassette) and end of tape is feed through tape guides Locate the Tape.

Also verify you have the right cartridge. You could check into more information on correct tape size, settings, how to load/place tape on the website for brother.

Screen says, “NOT WORKING”

can I fix this or is it not fixable?

Jonathan Hayes - Responder

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