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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

Blu L120 Troubleshooting

Android Smartphone, Introduced March of 2013

1. Turn off the device.

2. Remove the back cover. Start on the tab and gently separate the back cover from the phone.

3. Remove the Battery.

4. Insert Micro SD card. (32gb Max)

5. Reinstall the battery and back cover.

6. Turn the device back on, go into the camera setting, tap on storage then switch to memory card.

7. Congrats now you did it

1. Verify cable is properly plugged in to the charging port.

2. Verify secure connection at the power source (i.e. wall adapter or computer)

3. Try a different USB cable.

1. Press and hold the POWER button

2. Make sure the battery has been charged, remove and re-install recharge it as needed.

3. Check the connections on the charger.

1. Hold the Volume DOWN and UP buttons at the same time, then press the POWER button

2. A Boot screen appears press the Volume UP button

3. An android icon appears on screen then press the POWER button.

4. A recovery menu appears scroll down to “wipe data factory reset.”

5. With the “wipe data factory reset” highlighted press the “Menu” and “Back Button” at the same time.

6. Then Scroll down to “Delete User Data” and press the “Menu” and “Back Button” again (same time).

7. On the next screen should say “Data wipe complete” press the “Menu” and “Back Back Button” again (same time). So the phone can reboot

8. Phone reboots and is back to original factory settings

1. Keep current with system updates.

2. Keep current with applications updates.

3. Get rid of unneeded applications.

4. Check for clear space in the storage.

5. Clean up application's caches

6. Force Close App in the Applications Manager

Reset the phone to the factory settings

1. Open Play Store Application

2. Go to Menu

3. Click on Settings

4. Click on Auto-Update Apps

5. Choose to Update the Apps Automatically

1. Go to Settings

2. Application Manager

3. Choose the App You Want To Uninstall

4. Click on Uninstall

5. Reinstall App from the Play Store

1. Verify Phone is Still Operational With Physical Buttons

2. If Working, Turn off the Device, and Restart.

3. If Not Working, Hard Reset Device By Removing the Battery

4. If the Problem Persists, Replace Digitizer.

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