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Blackberry R900M Troubleshooting

The BlackBerry R900M is the predecessor to the R950 and includes a full QWERTY keypad with the ability to send and receive text messages, functioning as a two-way pager.

BlackBerry Won't Turn On

The BlackBerry will not power on when the scroll wheel is pressed, or will only power on when plugged into a power outlet.

Dead Battery

If the BlackBerry will still power on when it is plugged in, this likely means that it is either an issue with the internal or external battery. First, try replacing the single AA battery that can be easily accessed through the back battery cover. If replacing this battery still does not work, the next step should be in replacing the internal battery of the device. This can be fairly simple to do, but requires that the device's case be opened. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Battery Replacement Guide.

Bad Logic Board

If none of the above methods turn on the Blackberry, then the problem likely exists due to a bad logic board. The only way to fix a bad logic board is to replace it. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Logic Board Replacement Guide.

Keypad Not Working

The keypad not responding to user input may be the result of water damage or simply a faulty keypad. Unfortunately, the only solution to this is to open the device and replace the keypad. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Keypad Replacement Guide.

Display Not Working

When the device powers on, it will beep. If the device beeps, but the screen does not display anything, there is some problem with the screen. If beeping is NOT heard, the issue is most likely not the display. See the "Blackberry Won't Turn On" section for further troubleshooting.

If the device powers on (a beep is heard), there may be a loose connection inside the device. Follow the instructions for replacing the screen, then simply check that all connections are secure once it is open.

If no loose connections are found, the entire display will have to be replaced. See the Screen Replacement Guide for instructions.

Visible Crack in Screen

If the display is visibly cracked and won't display anything, you will need to replace the screen. Follow the Screen Replacement Guide for Instructions.

I have an old RIM R900m it wont power on with a fresh AA battery.

Where do I get a replacement internal?

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