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1997 Acura TL Troubleshooting

Radio Cuts In and Out

Listening to the car radio and the sound randomly stops.

Satellite Connection Lost

Before taking apart your speakers make sure you are not under a bridge, below lots of trees, or in a dead zone. All of these problems will cause no noise or just static to come out of the speakers, although nothing is actually wrong with them. If this same problem occurs while listening to a CD, Cassette, or Auxiliary device then there is most likely an issue.

Blown Speaker

This is for if any fuzz is coming from one or multiple speakers, such as a high pitched rattling type noise coming from the speakers along with the music. This often requires a speaker replacement or at least the removal of the speaker, these installation guides will help for the front and rear speakers.

No Sound At All

The wiring is disconnected or ruined, usually doesn't mean speaker itself is blown. Check to make sure that the wiring plugs are securely attached and that no loose cables are hanging out, not in their housing. Check that all wires are in their wiring harness in that step, for either the front speakers or rear speakers.

Issues with Stereo Head Unit

The Audio Head unit may be worn out or old and may need to be replaced. See our installation guide for this issue. Note that our center dash removal guide must be followed first, before accessing the head unit.

Fuzz From Speakers

White, static noise coming from the speakers rather than the proper audio.

Blown Speaker

if music was played too loudly then the speaker itself may be ruined and need to be replaced. A loud, rattling sound over the music most likely means the speaker is ruined. You will still be able to listen to music but it is not as good of sound quality, follow the front speaker guide or rear speaker guide for superior sound.

Poor Radio Connection

See the above trouble shooting for Radio Cutting In and Out. This is a common problem that does not require any fixing. If the problem continues at all times it is most likely a blown speaker or improper wiring and not just a satellite connection issue.

Speaker not tightened

This is often discovered by the bass creating a rattling noise, it occurs if the plastic pieces aren't properly connected. Search for all screw holes and make sure that they cannot be tightened any more with a screw driver. A similar problem can also occur for the head unit although it shouldn't affect the sound. Follow the guides to locate the screws for the front speakers, rear speakers or head unit.

Equalizer is off

Too high of treble or bass can cause music to not sound as great. Also check that all sound isn't directed towards one side's speakers. Leaving the bass to high can cause the speakers to blow sooner, so limiting instances where this could occur is recommended.

Distortion on High Volume

Often too loud of a noise, whether from the music dock or an MP3 player can cause the sound to get worse. This can be simply fixed by turning down the volume on the MP3 device itself and turning up the actually car stereo volume if you still want it that loud.

Door Panel Won't Remove

The door panel may also not come out so that we can't access the speaker.

Not all screws removed

Possibly one screw was missed or was not removed fully or correctly. It can be very tricky to spot them on the door panel. Check inside the door handle and inside the coin holder in the armrest, as these are the hardest to spot. Follow this guide carefully and these problems can be avoided.

Panel cannot be pulled off

Do not be afraid to tug harder, often it is a matter of force and the plastic panel will not be damaged by pulling it off with a lot of force. If that fails pry it off with a crowbar. Doing it for your first time you may feel like you will break it or not be able to get it back on, but they are sturdy follow the guide exactly, use a lot of force and it will work.

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