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It’s time to stop loafing around and eat more crepes! The CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker allows consumers to cook crepes using a dipping plate that doubles as a cooking surface. The device powers through standard household electric supplies of 110-120V and 60Hz. Easy to use and relatively durable, it is a perfect way to introduce oneself to French cuisine. With that said, Bon Appetit!

Este teardown (desmontagem analítica) não é um guia de reparo. Para reparar seu/sua CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker, use o nosso manual de serviço.

  1. The CucinaPro crepe maker has two main components: a heating body and a power base.
    • The CucinaPro crepe maker has two main components: a heating body and a power base.

    • Disconnect the power base from the heating body to prevent undesired heating. Also disconnect from power so you don't die!

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  2. Flip over the heating body of the crepe maker to access bottom screws.
    • Flip over the heating body of the crepe maker to access bottom screws.

    • Use a #1 Phillips screwdriver to unscrew 7 #1-20 x11mm and 1 #1-20x7mm screws along the bottom of the heating pan and the handle.

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    • Lift dipping pan from the plastic casing.

    • Dipping pan connects to plastic casing with nondetachable wiring.

    • The two wires connected to the black connector transfer the AC power from the base to the heating coil underneath the pan surface.

      • White sleeves surround the wires, protecting them from heat damage.

    • The black connector also holds a grounding strip not connected to a wire.

    • Used crepe makers will probably look as dirty as this. Unless you are the cleanest person to ever exist.

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  3. Free shipping on orders over $20
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    Free shipping on orders over $20
    • Unscrew 3 #1-20x10mm screws connecting the top of the handle to reveal the inside of the handle, switch wiring, and yellow tab covering the LED.

    • When the switch is open, the flow of electricity is interrupted and no heating occurs

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    • Underneath the heating element are 4 black stands that provide stability by ensuring space between the bottom of the pan and the dipping plate.

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    • Unscrew #1-20x6mm screw on black temperature sensor to reveal a gooey substance between sensor and the metal undercoating of the heating surface

    • While the coil heats and the heating surface is below optimal cooking temperature, power enters the coil and turns on the LED.

    • Upon reaching the optimal temperature, the power to the coil shuts off and the LED turns off, indicating the crepe is done.

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    • Unscrew 3 #1-20x10mm screws from the bottom of the power base and separate 2 base pieces and a connector piece.

    • Connector piece allows electrical power flow from the wall socket to the heating body.

    • Also spy a model number on the bottom.

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    • CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker earns a 8 out of 10 on our repairability scale (10 is the easiest to repair).

      • The Crepe Maker is easy to use and handle; the overall system is relatively light.

      • Temperature sensor made it easy to know when the crepe was done cooking.

      • Dipping plate was an effective way to put crepe batter on plate.

      • It is easy for batter to get in between the crevices of the device.

      • There is no easy way to clean the device.

      • Surface area of the dipping plate is relatively small.

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