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Eastern Washington University, Team S2-G2, Crane Fall 2017

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We're bringing together two VCD majors, an electrical engineer, and a communication major to form the ultimate team at EWU.

Eric Huesca- I am currently majoring in Visual Communications and Design, with a minor in Spanish. I am very descriptive, I have teamwork skills and good communication. I am hardworking and am a very quick learner. I have a good knowledge of tools. I can put my experiences to use with type of work. I'm very familiar with many different types of technology.

Dylan Greenwald - I am currently a VCD junior at Eastern Washington University. This is my first quarter here in Cheney and at EWU as I’ve spent the last 3 years in Yakima, WA playing baseball at Yakima Valley College. I do not have a ton of DIY or repair experience, but I have done a few small fix it jobs around the house and even replaced a couple of my iPhone’s screens after dropping them. This isn’t much but I think is a good starting place for this class.

James Barlow-Jones - I am a second year electronics major at Eastern Washington University (EWU). I previously taught an Intro to Robotics class at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. More recently, I have worked as a freelance computer repairman to help pay for college.

Alexander Thomas - Presently majoring in Communications with a strong sense for English. Skills that I possess include: high editorial/grammar skills, writing, tech savvy, creative thinking, and a knack for fixing things.