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Eastern Washington University, Team S1-G5, Crane Spring 2017

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This team is made up of three people, Caroline Villasenor, Sophia Dorman and Zhiliang Peng. Caroline Villasenor is a senior in the Visual Communications and Design major with a minor in Spanish. Sophia Dorman is a sophomore and she has recently declared a major in Business. Zhiliang Peng is in his senior year and is majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Caroline Villasenor is a smart and well-organized person. She is the leader of the team. Her major background will benefit our photography task and organize the team-mates.

Sophia Dorman has a lot of experience and strong background knowledge about photography. She is the Device and Photo Expert in the team.

Zhiliang Peng is the Troubleshooting Expert in the team. He has good understanding of electric components and hardware devices. He is good at troubleshooting and brings electric background to the team.