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iBook G3 12" DC-In Board Replacement

Tripped over your power cord? At least you...

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MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 Right Fan Replacement

Replacing a defective fan is pretty easy and...

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iPod Classic Battery Replacement

Replace the battery on your iPod classic.

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iPod 5th Generation (Video) Battery Replacement

How-to guide for removing the iPod Video battery.

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iMac Intel 20" EMC 2133 and 2210 RAM Replacement

Upgrade your RAM for an instant increase in...

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iMac Intel 20" EMC 2133 and 2210 Glass Panel Replacement

Remove the glass panel to gain access to your...

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Mac mini Model A1283 Hard Drive Replacement

Replace the hard drive in your Mac mini Model A1283.

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Mac mini Model A1176 AirPort Extreme Replacement

Replace a broken AirPort card to regain...

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PSP 1000 Teardown

This teardown is of a PSP 1003, the UK release of the PSP 1000.

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PlayStation 2 Teardown

This guide will help you in the disassembly of the PlayStation 2 video game...