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Allowing multiple people to make edits and additions to a page allows for a more comprehensive resource of information and knowledge, as well as helping build a strong community. However, it also requires more moderation. With the patrolling system, different reputation levels allow for different privileges to help keep information appropriate and accurate. When users with lower reputation make edits, more highly-reputed users and admins patrol them to make sure they are correct.

Patrol Threshold

Every wiki and guide has a patrol threshold. This can be set to determine how much reputation is required to edit the page without patrol. If someone with low reputation edits the page, then the edit is not immediately published. An admin or user with enough reputation must approve the edits before they go live.

  • To set the patrol threshold:
    1. Slide the slider to the desired amount, or type the amount into the text box to the right.
    2. Click "save" next to the text box to save these changes.
    3. Click "save" at the bottom of the editing page to commit the changes to the page.
  • The number you set for the patrol threshold is the amount of reputation required to freely edit the page.
    • If the patrol threshold is set to 1000, a user with 1500 reputation could edit the page and it would immediately go live on the site. If someone with 500 reputation made an edit, their edit would be held for review. Until the edit is approved, whenever another person goes to view that page there would be a link at the top that lets them view either the latest version with "Unverified edits" or the "Last verified snapshot." At the same time, these changes are added to the patrol edits page. Experienced users (or admins) can then come along and 'patrol' these proposed changes, approving and denying them as deemed appropriate.
  • Setting the patrol threshold to infinity will require that all non-admin user edits are patrolled, regardless of reputation. Setting it to zero will automatically allow all posts to immediately go live.

Patrol Edits

Once an edit has been made to an existing page by someone with less reputation than the patrol threshold, it goes to the "Patrol Edits" page. From there, admins or users with high reputation review these new edits and verify the content for correctness.

To patrol an edit:

  1. Select the thumbnail of the edit you wish to patrol.
  2. Review the edit for correctness.
    1. Look over the text in red to see what the page said before the edit.
    2. Look over the text in green to see what the user has added.
    3. If there is an edit to a step-by-step guide picture, the old position of the picture will be displayed with a header, "old" and the new position will be displayed under the header "new."
    4. If you are not sure about the edit just from this, you can click on the link to the step in which the edit occurred and view the page with the edit made. To see how it looked before the edit, scroll to the top of the page and click on the "latest verified snapshot" link.
  3. Choose one of the three patrolling options.
    1. Accept - This option accepts the edit as-is.
    2. Deny - This option denies all of the changes made in this edit.
    3. Accept+Edit - This option will accept all edits, then take you to the page to make further changes.
      • If there are multiple edits to a page by one user, they will all show up on one page. If you accept or deny an edit that has other edits above it, it will choose the same thing for all of those edits as well. So if you accept the fourth edit, it will also accept the three above it.
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