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[* icon_note] Smaller press-fit (or "pop") connectors may require a simple flick with a plastic opening tool, spudger, or fingernail.
[* black] Place the flat edge of your tool under the edge of the connector, and pry the connector straight up from its socket.
[* icon_caution] Be very careful to pry '''only''' under the flat edge of the connector, and not under the socket itself. If you pry under the socket, you will separate it from the logic board, causing permanent damage.
[* icon_reminder] To reconnect, align the connector carefully over its socket and press down with your fingertip—first at one side, then the other—until it clicks into place.
[* icon_caution] '''Do not''' press down on the middle until the connector is fully seated—if it's misaligned, the connector can bend, causing permanent damage.