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WowWee MiPosaur Locomotive Problem Repair Guide

    • To begin, ensure MiPosaur is off, and loosen the screws on the battery compartment.

    • The battery compartment will detach from the device once all screws have been loosened.

    • Once the battery compartment is removed, remove the screws on the side of the body.

    • It is best to use a sorting tray or other method to keep track of each screw and determine where it goes.

    • Remove the blue plastic tabs at the base of the tail and at the mouth joint on the same side of the body.

    • Remove the screws hidden underneath these tabs, and pull lightly on the body to open it.

    • The halves of the body are still attached via wires, so be careful not to break them.

    • The LED Mood Indicator cover, tail markings, and tail will detach when the body is opened. Additionally, the tail can be detached without disassembly by pulling firmly on it.

    • Remove the screws on the power board and motherboard, and lift the motherboard up.

    • On the underside of the motherboard, trace the wires of the faulty leg to the appropriate connector.

    • Remove the plug from the connector.

    • Pliers are suggested to remove the plug from the connector.

    • Remove the screws around the base of the circular opening in the body.

    • Twist the leg slightly and remove it from the body, routing the wire through the large opening.

    • After the leg has been removed from the body, remove the screws securing the wheel covers.

    • With the wheel exposed, hold it down firmly, so it does not rotate, and remove the screw in the center. This can be difficult to remove.

    • Though the wheel can be removed without unscrewing it first, it will detach a gear from the gearbox, so please remove the screw first.

    • Remove the screws from the leg, including the screws hidden underneath the wheel.

    • Remove the rear casing from the leg, routing the wire through the large opening.

    • Once the leg has been opened, remove the wire lock by unscrewing it from the front casing.

    • Remove the gearbox from its holster.

    • A Ferris wheel-shaped part should be connected to the gearbox motor's axle. Ensure it is not loosely connected or missing. If loose, push it further down the axle and into place.

    • If necessary, you can open the gearbox by removing the screws surrounding it.

    • The wires attached to the gearbox are fragile and can be broken off easily. Take care when handling the gearbox.

    • Place the gearbox back in its holster and secure the wiring with the wire lock.

    • Route the wiring through the hole in the rear casing, and reattach all screws.

    • Reattach the wheel to the leg and secure it with the screw.

    • Reconnect the wheel covers and attach the screws.

    • Route the wires through the opening in the body, and reattach it to the connector.

    • Reattach the screws securing the motherboard and power board.

    • Slide the LED Mood Indicator cover and tail markings into their corresponding slots, and close the body.

    • The body may not close due to the mechanism connecting a magnet to the lower jaw. If the body does not close, try repositioning this mechanism by raising/lowering the magnet or jaw.

    • Secure the body together with the remaining screws.

    • Reattach the two blue tabs, and screw in the battery compartment.


Turn MiPosaur on, and check to see if the fix works. If it did, I’m glad this helped!

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