This guide will walk you through step-by-step on how to properly remove and install the fan in the PlayStation 2 Slimline.


Não são necessárias peças.

    • Turn off the PlayStation 2 (or PS2) and carefully unplug from the power source. Check to see there are no discs inside the console before flipping the game system upside-down.

  1. Locate the six feet on the bottom of the PS2.
    • Locate the six feet on the bottom of the PS2.

    • Five of the feet are in plain sight and one of the feet is located under the black void sticker on the bottom of the device.

    • IMPORTANT: Removing the black VOID sticker will void the warranty of this device. Proceed at your own risk

    • Some versions of the console, such as the PAL Version, may not have this sticker. In this case, the foot or even the screw should be in plain sight.

    • Use a spudger, flathead screwdriver, or fingernail to pry the five visible feet from the bottom of the device.

    • The sixth foot is located under the black VOID sticker. Remove the sticker before removing the foot underneath.

    • After all of the feet have been removed, locate the six 4.0mm screws on the base of the PS2.

    • Use a #1 Phillips screwdriver to unscrew all six 4.0mm screws from the base of the PS2.

    • Once all of the screws have been removed, pull apart the top plastic cover from the bottom plastic cover. Start by lifting the side containing the power cable and Ethernet port. Then, lift the opposite side to fully separate. It will take force to pull apart the two halves.

    • If done correctly, you should have a fully detached plastic backing, revealing the electronic components of the PlayStation 2.

    • Locate the fan component of the motherboard of the PS2. With your fingers or tweezers, peel off the sticker that holds down the fan's wiring.

    • With tweezers, detach the terminal to the cord from the motherboard to the fan.

    • Locate and unscrew the three 1.6mm screws located next to the base of the fan.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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