This guide will show you the steps on installing the shoulder buttons. This will be helpful if the shoulder buttons are not working properly.

Only replace the faulty shoulder button(s).

Pull down on the battery cover release lever and pull back to remove the cover.
  • Pull down on the battery cover release lever and pull back to remove the cover.

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Take out each battery then put the covering back on.
  • Take out each battery then put the covering back on.

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  • Remove the eight 9-mm Tri-Wing screws on the back panel with the Tri-wing Y1 screwdriver.

  • During reassembly, firmly hold the panels of the controller together while replacing screws so the panels don't separate.

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  • After each screws has been removed carefully turn over the controller, and place on a flat surface.

  • Slowly separate the top panel from the bottom panel.

  • The buttons are loose and may fall off of the motherboard.

  • Once seperarted set aside the top panel.

  • During reassembly, make sure the front panel lines up with the buttons so they slide back into place.

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  • Use tweezers to remove the buttons.

  • It may be easier to remove the A button off of the pad by lifting it with your fingers.

  • During reassembly, make sure all buttons are in their respective sockets so they match up with the front panel.

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  • Using tweezers remove the three grey button pads from the motherboard.

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  • With your fingers gently grip the motherboard on both sides and lift it away from the back panel.

  • To put the motherboard back into place, align the two metal clips under the motherboard with the slots in the back panel. The motherboard should fall into place.

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  • Remove the four 9-mm Phillips head screws with the Phillips #1 screwdriver.

  • Lift off the black plastic covers that secure the shoulder buttons.

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  • Using the screwdriver, carefully unlock the spring clip from its holder.

  • Once unlocked, use tweezers to pull springs out of its holster.

  • The springs will try to jump out. Be careful not to lose them when setting them aside.

  • When reattaching the clips, use tweezers to align the clip with its holder and press in until it clicks.

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  • Once the spring is removed, take out the shoulder buttons by pulling down and out.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where can I buy replacement shoulder buttons? Mine are starting to get sticky and don't spring back as well as they used to. I've been looking but I can't seem to find them anywhere.

Lucas Brownlee - Responder

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