Use this guide to replace the display of your Huawei P9 Lite.

  1. Use an opening pick to unclip the rear cover, starting from the bottom corner.
    • Use an opening pick to unclip the rear cover, starting from the bottom corner.

    • Work your way around counterclockwise and carefully pry the plastic tabs open one by one.

    What could you use instead of an opening pick??

    Alfredo - Responder

    Like, could a guitar pick wor? Or anything else?

    Alfredo - Responder

    A guitar pick will also do.

    Tobias Isakeit -

  2. There is adhesive underneath the back cover that holds it to the battery and the metal plate at the top.
    • There is adhesive underneath the back cover that holds it to the battery and the metal plate at the top.

      • Be careful with the flex cable at the right hand side.

    • Twist the opening pick to lever the back cover away and loosen it from the adhesive.

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    • When the back cover is freed from the adhesive you can pop it off by hand completely.

    Hi! Im so sad! At the begginig of the operation i ve broken the white seal/connector that in one side is connected to the board and the other side is "glued" to the battery. Can someone help me? how can i solve this?? There is no image displayed on the screen. but there is vibration, sound, notifications... can someone help me please???

    Diogo - Responder

    • On the bottom of the phone remove the following screws:

      • Three 2.9 mm Phillips #00 screws

      • Four 3.8 mm Phillips #00 screws

    • Now you can grab the loudspeaker unit and take it out.

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    • Remove the nine Phillips #00 screws that secure the metal shield plate.

      • If there are any water indicators on top of the screws remove them to ensure a proper seating for your driver.

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    • Do not remove the shield plate yet, it is attached by a connector and an adhered cable.

    • Use a spudger to disconnect the fingerprint sensor from the motherboard.

    • Peel the NFC antenna cable off of the metal plate.

    can we just remove NFC antenna and dont want to install int back?

    Mohd Danial Bin Harun - Responder

    • Disconnect the motherboard flex cable on both ends and take it away.

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    • Peel off the NFC antenna from the battery.

      • Be careful not to rip or crease the antenna.

      • If you are just removing the battery to get to the display, you can leave the NFC on the battery.

    • Unplug the battery connector.

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    • Slide the spudger under the battery at the place shown in the picture and pry it loose slowly .

      • Be careful not to damage the display flex cable that runs underneath the battery in the center.

    • When reassembling your phone replace old adhesive with double-sided tape or pre-cut adhesive strips.

    Bonjour j'ai réalisé toutes les etapes mais mon telephone ne se charge plus.que faire ?

    Amenis - Responder

    Bonjour ! Alors deux options sont possibles :

    1) la batterie était complètement vide et cela prend du temps avant que le téléphone s’allume et affiche que la batterie est en train de charger.

    2) vérifiez que les connexions des nappes à l’intérieur, surtout celle de cette étape. Cette nappe relie en effet le circuit inférieur au supérieur, fait donc le lien entre la batterie et le port de recharge.

    Bonne chance !

    Claire (iFixit EU)

    Claire Rapp -

    • Take the flat end of a spudger to disconnect the display flex cable.

    • Flip the phone over and use an iOpener to soften the adhesive at the edge of the display.

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    • With a suction handle you can lift the display a little bit to create a gap.

    • Insert just the tip of an opening pick in the gap and steadily slide it along the edge towards the top. You may need to go back and forth a few times.

    • Try to get around the corner and behind the top part of the display. Re-position the suction handle if needed.

    • Leave the opening pick behind the display to avoid the re-sealing of the adhesive.

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    • Heat up the iOpener once again and place it on the display to soften the adhesive at the top.

    • Use a second opening pick to slide along the top edge towards the next corner.

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    • As long as the adhesive is warm try to continue to separate the display along the side towards the bottom. Re-heat the iOpener if necessary.

    • Also heat up the bottom part of the display for the next few steps.

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    • When you worked your way around the display, take a suction handle and lift the top part of the display away from the frame.

    • Slowly but steadily hinge open the bottom part of the display separating the adhesive.

    • Now you can thread the display flex cable through the gap in the frame.

    • When installing the new display make sure to reapply adhesive where necessary.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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