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How to Repair LED Strip Lights

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    • Find the spot where the lights stop working and where there are four connections labeled in descending order, "12V, R, G, B" with a scissor "cut here" marking and a copper colored backing.

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    • With a scissor, cut along the "cut here" line, separating the faulty strip from the working strip.

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    • Align the new strip next to the working strip and keep them steady. Look at the four connections like a mirror image. R to R, G to G, and so on and so forth. Apply solder in any order for all four connections. Make sure solder is secured and steady.

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    • Once the four connections are soldered securely, plug in the strip and turn the lights to all three colors to ensure that the connections are steady. Now you may place the lights where so desired.

    • If the strips had an adhesive backing, some new adhesive material may be required.


A solder and soldering iron are fairly common and easy to acquire at a hardware store. Extra length of lights may be left over from initial use, use these first before buying more in order to lower costs; be sure you only cut the lights for repair where these 4 pads are they are likely marked by a dotted line across them, this is also where you'll solder them together. In order to put the lights back where they originally were, some form of an adhesive agent may need to be utilized. On the rear side of connection spot you can glue a small piece of cardboard to hold them together.

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I dont know why this tutorial is rated as difficult, it really isnt.

Andrea Sherville - Responder

Totally agree with Andrea Sherville. This has to be rated easy-moderate as this really isn’t difficult at all.

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Thet step 4 was just weird

Israel McGhee - Responder

Click here to read the complete article if you want to know How to Fix LED Lights That Are Different Colors.

Muhammad Sami - Responder

Huh, I needed this exact guide. That's nuts.

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