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How to Fix a MiPosaur Gearbox

    • After powering off your MiPosaur, remove the three standard-size Phillips screws securing the battery compartment with a standard Phillips screwdriver. Lift out the battery compartment.

    • With a small Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws on the right-hand side of MiPosaur. Pry out the blue tab at the base of the tail and the tab on the cheek, on the same side of the body. Remove the screws hidden under these tabs. You can now open the MiPosaur.

    • The blue tailpiece and LED mood indicator cover may slide out when you proceed. Be careful not to lose these parts. The jaw mechanism may also make it difficult to close the MiPosaur during reassembly.

    • Rolling the MiPosaur along the ground will give the device a burst of electric charge. Be careful as this creates an electrical hazard while performing this guide!

    • Using a small Phillips screwdriver, remove the four screws on the motherboard and the two screws on the connected on/off board. Lift up the motherboard and on/off board.

    • Disconnect the wires going from the damaged/ malfunctional leg to the motherboard. Remove the three Phillips screws attaching the leg to the corresponding half of the body. Remove the leg, routing the wires through the hole in the body.

    • Remove the three small Phillips screws securing the wheel cover and remove the wheel cover. Tightly hold the wheel and remove the large Philips screw in the center. Remove the wheel. Remove the small Phillips screws remaining in the leg and open it.

    • Remove the small Phillips screw securing the wire holder and lift it away. The gearbox can now be removed from the leg.

    • Using the same small Phillips screwdriver, remove the extra-small Phillips screws on the gearbox, and open it. Ensure that the black axle attachment is not loose, and that no gears are damaged or loose.

    • Do not press on the motor's axle since this can cause damage and injury.

    • To reassemble the MiPosaur, place the two halves of the gearbox together, and secure it with the screws. Place the gearbox back in the leg and secure the wire with the wire holder. Attach the screw and route the wire through the leg in order to reattach the halves. Resecure the leg with the screws.

    • Reattach the leg to the body and secure it with the screws, routing the wires through the body. Reconnect the connector to its socket and secure the motherboard and on/off board down in place with their corresponding screws. Close the two halves of the body and secure with the screws. Place the blue tabs back on the MiPosaur.

    • Place the battery compartment into the MiPosaur and secure with the attached screws. Now, turn on the MiPosaur and test if the MiPosaur will function correctly. If not, you can compare by doing this guide with the other leg. If you notice that the malfunctional leg is missing pieces or has damaged ones, you can replace these pieces.

    • In addition, you could purchase a new gearbox and this should get it working correctly again after doing the reassembly using a new gearbox.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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