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Introduction Date: March 20, 1997

Discontinued Date: March 14, 1998

Processor Speed:250 MHz

Processor Type:PowerPC 603e

Details: This model has a 32-bit processor and a 64-bit data path.

Processor Upgrade:Third-Party*


Details: *A variety of third-party processor upgrades and accelerators were available.

System Bus Speed: 50 MHz

Cache Bus Speed: N/A

ROM Type: Macintosh ROM

ROM Size: 4 MB

L1 Cache: 32k

L2 Cache: 256k

RAM Type: 168-pin DIMM

Min. RAM Speed: 60 ns

Standard RAM: 32 MB

Maximum RAM: 128 MB

Details: Supports a maximum of 128 MB of RAM with two 64 MB memory modules.

Motherboard RAM: None

RAM Slots: 2

Video Card: ATI 3D Rage II

VRAM Type: Dedicated SGRAM*

Standard VRAM: 2 MB

Maximum VRAM: 2 MB

Built-in Display: 12.1" Color*

Native Resolution: 800x600

Details: 12.1" color active-matrix (16-bit,

thousands of colors) TFT LCD.

2nd Display Support: Single Display*

2nd Max. Resolution: Variable*

Standard Hard Drive: 2.0 GB Int.

HD Interface: IDE

Standard Optical: 4X CD-ROM

Standard Disk: 1.44 MB (Manual)

Standard Modem: 33.6k (Internal)

Standard Ethernet: None

Expansion Slots: 1 PCI, Comm II*

Expansion Bays: None

Details: *This model has a single 7" PCI slot as well as a Comm II slot that is occupied by default with an internal 33.6k modem.

Case Type: All-in-One

Form Factor: 20th Anniversary Mac

Apple Order No: M3459LL/A

Apple Subfamily: 20th Anniversary Mac

Apple Model No: N/A Gestalt ID: 512

Details: This Gestalt ID is specific to this model.

Battery Type: 4.5V Alkaline

Battery Life: N/A

Original Mac OS: 7.6.1

Supported Mac OS: 7.6.1-9.1

Details: Earlier and later versions of the Macintosh System/Finder and Mac OS are not supported.

Dimensions: 17.25 x 16.5 x 10 Avg.

Weight: 14.9 lbs (6.8 kg)

Original Price (US): US$7499

Est. Current Retail: US$11432

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