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Various problems with the hardware can be found using the Solio CLASSIC2 Troubleshooting Guide

Background and Identification

The Solio CLASSIC2 Battery Pack and Solar Charger is the sequel device to the Solio CLASSIC. The Solio CLASSIC2 is a battery pack that is either charged by the sun, wall outlet or USB devices. The battery pack can charge small electrical devices through means of a USB cable.

Solio was founded a decade ago with its creation of pocket sized solar battery products. Solio's goal is to provide people an easy to use energy source. In 2012 and 2013, Solio assisted in creating a solar-service business in Kenya. Households in Kenya are able to rent a solar power and light kit for a cheap price.



''To Charge The Device': Micro-USB

To Charge Electronics With the Device: USB


Max Wattage: 5 Watts

Discharge Rate: Fixed 5V, 1,000mA

Charge Rate

via Wall: 6 hours 15 min

via USB: 6 hours 15 min

via Solar: 8-10 hours

Battery: 3.7V/3,200mAh Li-Poly - User replaceable at end of life (average 3 years)

Play Time

  • 1 full CLASSIC2 battery provides the following power:
  • 15 hours of Talk Time or 675 hours Standby Time based on iPhone 4
  • 15 hours of Talk Time or 616 hours Standby Time based on Motorola Droid
  • 11 hours of Talk Time or 3103 hours of Standby Time based on HTC EVO
  • 137 hours of music or 24 hours of video based on iPod Touch 4th Gen
  • 8 hours of operation based on Garmin Nuvi 850


5.8in x 2.8in. x 1.4in - 10.1 oz.

Comes with

  • Micro-USB to USB Cable - For charging the CLASSIC2 via USB port/USB port wall adapter, can also be used as a charging cord for Micro-USB devices.
  • Pencil - Insert the pencil through the center of the CLASSIC2 to easily prop towards the sun.

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