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Background and Identification

The FV700R two way radio is an early version of Motorola's Talkabout series, and offers a 12 mile range. The Motorola FV-700R also provides the iVOX feature, a built-in hands free system, supports 11 NOAA weather channels, and there are 121 privacy codes on each of the 22 FRS and GMRS channels to choose from. A channel scan feature is also provided, along with 10 call tones. The FV700R comes in blue.

The FV700R has since been discontinued and replaced in 2009 with the MH230R. The yellow MH230R is lighter weight and can connect at almost twice the distance of the FV700R, though it has a slightly shorter battery time.


For assistance with common problems, try the Motorola Talkabout FV700R Troubleshooting Page.

Additional Information

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