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Background and Identification

The Dell Optiplex 170 is now being re-manufactured by Devon IT under a new name, the TC2 Thin Client. The Dell Optiplex was released in May of 2011. Similar models include the GX620. The Reg model number is DO5U and the Reg type is DO5U002. The marketing name is the Optiplex FX170. The Dell Optiplex is commonly referred to as a nano computer. The FX 170 uses an Intel Atom ™ n270 1.6GHz/Intel 945 GSE + ICH7-m. The FX 130 is similar but uses nine watts. The Dell edition uses the DeTOS (Devon Terminal Operating System) operating system. It is a small computer designed for ease and compatibility. The pricing and compatibility were major benefits for this device. Complaints included “mediocre performance,” “limited upgrades,” and no “option for a media card reader.” The Dell Optiplex is targeted to small business owners and schools.

Additional Information

Dell Optiplex GX620 on CNET

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