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Background Info

The Dell 4500s replaces the 4300s. The differences between these systems is minor, at best.

The primary differences are:

  • A potentially omitted AGP slot
  • 533MHz FSB processor options
  • 4 USB ports on the motherboard
  • USB 2.0

You could get these with a Celeron or Pentium 4. Being home systems the Celeron variant is far more common, but Pentium 4 versions are available. This is negated by the fact the user can replace the processor as well.

Important: Capacitors can be a problem in these machines. Anything still working is less likely to fail, but it can still happen. Sometimes they bulge, but instability seems more likely.


This system uses DDR, and can take DDR 400 memory. It is limited to 2GB of RAM.

Hard drive and optical drive

The system uses IDE hard drives, which have been out of production for years. You will need to rely on a IDE to CF adapter, or a NOS hard drive to replace the hard drive in these systems. The use of Maxtor hard drives means there is a high chance the drive will need to be replaced, or has already been replaced at least once.

The optical drive is IDE as well. Again, parts will be hard to find unless you have a known good stock.

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