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If you are having difficulties with the Brother PT-90 Personal Labeler, you can refer to our troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

This model of Brother's P-series label maker features 3 changeable faceplates for a customizable feel. The faceplate covers and surrounds the 12-character LCD display that is considered "easy to view". It prints using 9mm or 12mm labeling tape, and is capable of printing 2 lines of text per label, as well as features 173 symbols. It requires 4 "AAA" batteries to operate.

The major issues that occur with this label maker are receiving an error message on the LCD display screen, and printing issues, including tape jamming, not being able to print, and generating unexpected printing results. There are no known recalls.

Additional Information

Brother's Troubleshooting Page

Brother's Device Page Product Overview

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