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The below link is to the troubleshooting page created on iFixit. It covers easy fixes to basic problems that are typically encountered with this laptop.

Asus R541UA-RB51 Troubleshooting

Background and Identification

The Asus SonicMaster 15.6” laptop is an entry level laptop at a medium price point. It is equipped with an Intel 1.7GHz Core i5-3317U processor, 4GB RAM, and a 500GB hard drive. The SonicMaster is bluetooth capable, has an HDMI hook up, DVD drive, and a plethora of external data plug-ins including but not limited to, USB 3, USB 2, VGA, and USB Type-C.

Basic features and components afford this laptop the ability to perform basic functions reasonably. Much more than that will require upgrades to the device’s components. Some Amazon.com customer reviews reveal a couple common issues with this laptop. Web connectivity seems to be a big problem. One customer complained that the laptop lost internet connection every thirty minutes. This is an example of those very basic components performing at very basic levels. In other words, the lower quality component will connect the laptop to the internet but for how long remains in question. Another common complaint about this laptop is the battery. Many customers noted a poor battery life or the power supply dying as well as the laptop being very slow. There are no known recalls for this laptop.

This laptop can be identified by the name ‘ ‘SonicMaster’ ‘ on the top center of the keyboard plate. As stated above, it is an entry level laptop and is encased in a black plastic shell with a gold colored keyboard plate. It is 15in wide by 9.9in long by 1.09in thick. It weighs just under 4.5 lbs and has a metallic finish.

Additional Information

The below link is to Intel's website and shows all the technical specifications for this laptop. This could be useful if replacement parts are needing to be purchased or for just general specs on the laptop such as RAM size, processor, etc..

Tekadvisor.ca does an excellent job at outlining the capabilities of this laptop and comparing them to other devices within the same price point. The information is laid out in a well organized manner and may prove to be useful in acquiring more information about the laptop. This page also has the technical specifications listed. Provided below is the direct link to the article.

Amazon is a great place to see real world, honest reviews of equipment and to learn their general faults. Browsing through customer reviews can provide you with information that isn’t found anywhere else. Linked below is the Amazon sale page for the Asus R510CA-RB51 laptop and the reviews could provide some insight on issues that one might have with the laptop.

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