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Repair guides and support for your Apple Wireless Keyboard. Connect and command your Apple computer wirelessly.

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The battery cap is corroded on. How can it be removed?

I picked up the apple wireless keyboard from a friend who wasn't using it. I went to put batteries in it and found out that it was stuck.

Then I:

  • Tried a basic flathead
  • Tapped around the head with a small hammer to see if it would unseal
  • Attempted a vice and nickel method--I now have a torqued nickel.

So far no direct access method has worked.

I also read the Batteries Corroded & stuck thread n here.. That allowed me to know there was a panel on the back. My KB is a little different, the panel is more in the middle. I opened it up and see there is a battery--so I'm nearly sure it's a corroded battery that has leaked onto the aluminum screw and caused all of this.

Anyone have ideas on how to solve this?

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Mix up a solution of water and baking soda (about a teaspoon per cup) and apply that with a cotton swab to dissolve the corrosion.

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Except that it's potassium hydroxide, which is a base. Acid would work better. But KOH is also easily dissolvable in water, so this will work... even without the baking soda.


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Run hot water on the metal around the stuck endcap. You are attempting to heat up this area to get the aluminum to expand a bit. Be careful not to get water into the keys. I was able to successfully unscrew a stuck endcap with this technique.

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Didn't work for me. Any other suggestions?


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Thanks for the great info! I was about to take my keyboard into a shop to get fixed but found this thread. I used the water-nickel approach and was able to open the sealed cap in a few minutes (after trying to pry it open for nearly half hour with a screw driver and keys yesterday). Inside was two corrosive 2A’s.

God bless you all. Apple keyboard now back in working condition again.

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