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The HTC Desire HD is an Android smartphone by HTC Corporation.

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How to fix the volume buttons?

Hi to all, I need to fix the volume buttoms. Those that are on the left side of DHD. When I push over button - it works fine....but, on the contrary, the button + is hardly demage. I must push strongly and sometimes it doesn't work and sometimes it work. If I give an attention look to this volume buttons bar, I can notice that the volume button + is more inside the DHD than the other one.

So Can I fix it or Have I substitute the bar?

How could I do it?

Thanks in advance


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I had a similar issues with the volume button on my inspire (same as dsire hd). I took it apart to check the volume flex cable and the upper part of the cable had a slight rip. I went to this link and ordered a new one, popped it in and it worked fine.

yours sounds like it could also be an issue with the physical button as well. I would open it up and take a look.

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Maybe you just need to buy a new button piece:

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If your HTC 7 trophy mobile phone volume keys not working then 1st check buttons,

if thy are ok but problem still then make Jumpers red line make jumper

HTC 7 Trophy Volume buttons not working

HTC 7 Trophy Volume buttons problem

HTC 7 Trophy Volume buttons problem solution

HTC 7 Trophy Volume key

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