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Third generation of iPad with Wi-Fi, released on March 16, 2012. Model Number A1416. Repair requires heating and careful prying.

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How to tell if glass is OEM.

Hello fellow fixers,

I have a new supplier now out of china that claims they sell OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture), or Apple parts. So the same parts that originally come on the device whether it be iPad, iPod, or iPhone.

I did a glass replacement on an iPad 3 for a customer. He came back not too much longer and had some issues with the glass peeling up just a bit...not a problem some more glue will hold it in. But while removing the glass to install better adhesive the glass cracked(&^$* $85 in the hole). This seemed to crack SUPER easy. Most the time when removing the OEM glass I can get it off with out cracking the glass with some safe pry tools, heat, and patience.

Also I have heard of the OEM glass water droplet test. Basically just a quarter size drop of water on the glass, and move it around. If it stays together and is easy to control its OEM, if not its a copy.

Here's my question: Are there any other ways to tell if the glass is OEM.

And, is the water droplet test legit and does it really work?

Thank you for the help

(sorry for the novel)

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Maybe I am answering my own question here but I thought I would share for any others.

Another way to tell is on OEM parts there should be a flame like mark or color around the camera hole. Copied parts do not have this.


To answer the droplet question, what it shows is whether or not the glass was treated with an oleophobic process. Most aftermarket companies have started doing this, so their screens seem more legit.


anyone help? my son has a apple laptop and got the screen replaced 5 days later the screen (already opened) while watching a movie lifted it and moved it and the screen crapped out. He took it back and they wont replace it and blamed it on him.


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Its pretty Simple, Only official Apple store can have genuine apple parts, which includes glass/digitizers.

If someone is selling you a digitizer and telling you its OEM and its not an official apple store, or at lease an authorized apple store then its more than safe to assume the glass you are getting it a generic version, not an actual product made in apple factories.

Saying that, I've used generic glass and found it works just as well as original, but that's just my experience.

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First thing to remember is that the companies (Apple, HTC, Motorola, even Samsung to some degree) don't actually manufacture their parts. They hire a mass manufacturer to make and assemble their screens, then the screens are shipped to the actual Apple/Motorola/Etc assembly plant.

The 3 major grades of all phone parts are as follows:

OEM: Manufactured and assembled by the same manufacturer that produces for the assembling company. For example, Apple hired FoxConn to produce the screens for the iPhone 6 series. A screen manufactured and assembled by FoxConn, and just never sold or sent to Apple is an OEM. These parts are available on the retail market for select distributors. These parts are never manufactured in the US. They all come from China.

Recore/Refurb: Original LCD/Digitizer reman'ed using an aftermarket glass and possibly frame. There are hundreds of small companies doing this.

Aftermarket: Manufactured and assembled by a 3rd party company. Usually on the cheaper end of the market due to the 3rd party company shaving costs. Example: Using hot press glue to stick a screen into it's frame instead of cold press glue (hot press is cheaper, but loosens when the device gets too warm).

To circumvent problems with contracts/copyrights here's how it works. Apple calls up an end manufacturer (let's call this entity 'Parent') and signs an exclusivity agreement for production. Apple orders 100k screens. Production company has 3 sister production facilities to accommodate timeframes. Let's call them A, B, and C respectively. The contract stipulates that facility A will produce the order. So, Parent instructs A to produce 150k screens (extras for bad screens, warranty, replacements, etc). After Apple picks up and is happy with their order, Parent still has, say, 10k screens at facility A. They send those screens over to facility B, have the logos either smeared, covered, or removed, and they resell them on the retail market to select distributors. They then filter onto our market. Manufacturers in the US have been doing this behind the scenes for decades.

The hardest part is getting the original parts here in the US. Because of copyright laws, companies like Apple and Samsung have been bullying small repair shops around the US for not paying 'royalties' on the original parts. I've been purchasing direct from China for over 2 years, and I can guarantee you the screens I put into an iPhone or an iPad are the exact same as the ones Apple purchases for the same.

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Hi, your story is very interesting. I would like to find/collect more information about the source. I like to write an article on a Belgium blog. So it would be nice if you have more info about the source of your story. Or how did you get this info? Are there any books available? Thanks in advance. Gordon


Actually, I've gotten my information from multiple sources, mainly manufacturers and distributors.


Hello, I own a repair shop in Canada and those parts are rare as Pope poop. Can I contact you ?


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From my experience and in my opinion (please correct me if any of the below statements is incorrect):

- There are no suppliers selling Apple original parts for Apple devices (except may be some Mac batteries), since Apple only allows Apple Stores and Apple Certified Service Centers to fix and/or replace Apple devices,

- iDevices orignal replacement parts can be found ONLY at Apple Stores, NOT at Apple Certified Service Centers.

- Original Mac parts (Apple parts but not iDevices parts) CAN be obtained by Apple Certified Service Centers, but the service centers have to justify every part that they order by matching it with the specific device that needs repairing.

In other words, Apple very tightly controls the production, distribution, and use of Apple original spare parts, and we cannot find them in the free market for sale.

- I believe the only other way to obtain original parts other is from Apple devices that have been disassembled and sold for parts.

- In summary, don't waste time testing your parts to see if they are OEM, they ARE NOT in my opinion. You'd better just stick with a supplier of quality parts if you find one that sells them at an acceptable cost.

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How about the weight Test?

My original Ipad 2 Glass/Digitizer was broken, so i ordered a new one on ebay, which has beed described as OEM.

After i got it, i recognized, that the material of the new "glass" istnt of high quality. So i took a digital balance from the kitchen to compare the weigts.

The old one, which was already broken and has had noch homebutton, was around 130g. The new one incl. 2 screen foils just had 112.

So this one gets back to sender! Hope ill find an original replacement soon.

Kind regards.

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I feel your pain guys, as I have been in the same boat. I found these and are pretty dang close to being just like the original glass. I hope this helps!

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Some of the cheaper ones have a grid pattern like iridescent threads all over the screen when the ipad is on.

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I believe (at least on iPad II) there is a red ring around the camera hole. And i bet the price is twice as high.

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