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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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no display, beeps and just sits ther

fans come on, beep sounds workis fan on the inside left runs wide open that is when it starts some time it stops as soon as you hit start button. but the display never comes on.


I pulled the battery hit power button, unpluged replaced battery-now my iMac trys to start for a instant then noting no beeps no display, i tryed the p and r keys nothing.

Update 2

removed battery, restarted,unplugged, reinstalled battery, now nothing the green light comes on when plugged in the other lights blink and then all lights go off, no sound no display nothing

did this as mayer suggested

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I combined larry's three questions into this one. Larry, please don't start new questions where you could just edit your old ones.


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First let's clear the PMU 1. Step 1 Quit all of your active applications and shut down your Mac. 2. Step 2 Once your computer is completely shut down, disconnect the computer's AC power Adapter and remove the battery from your Mac. 3. Step 3 Press and hold down the power button on your MacBook or MacBook Pro for at least five seconds and then release the power button. 4. Step 4 With your Mac still shut off, reinstall the battery in your MacBook or MacBook Pro and reconnect the AC Adapter. The PMU/SMU has now been reset on your computer. Does it start up?

Next we'll zap the PRAM. Hit the start button, hold down the option & command --P & R keys wait till it tones three times then try to start up

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Didn't you start this question out as a MacBook on one of your other questions? What computer are we working on here?


I started out with a 2007 iMac dual core intel 20 in no display, starts up, beeps and fans run, one on left runs wide open now nothing..


Did the PRAM reset?


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