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No power to fuel pump

Put new fuel pump in, new fuel filter, new relay switch under the hood. I get power to the relay but thats it. I am told there is another safety switch or fuse , somewhere between ignition switch and the regulator. I can't find it.. Been crawlin over this Tahoe for 3days.

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Is the theft/security light flashing after it dies? You could have a passlock sensor/ Ignition lock cylinder bad, a bad theft module or a wiring/connector issue.


1997 Chevy Tahoe , My stirring column is completely broken out.My fuel pump went bad . It's not getting any power to the new fuel pump is their a anti theft relay or module switch to get the fuel pump to work


What kind of code reader do I need, can I use a obd on my 1997 Chevy Tahoe


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Does your vehicle have a factory alarm system? If so, the Vehicle Control Module (sometimes also called the Body Control Module) might need to be reset. Most factory alarms shut off the fuel pump relay, thus killing the engine.

And as always, check the computer memory for any stored Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

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