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Cheapeast way to repair my MacBook Pro lcd 17'' screen in Italy?

Hi to everyone,

first of all, sorry for my awful english!

I write from Italy (Rome). Yesterday my MacBook Pro 17 inch screen broke and now I'm going mad!

I use it for work (digital editing and photo post-production), I haven't an external monitor replacement, and I have a very urgent need to repair my MacBook, possibly without losing days of work.

My mac serial number is W880811A103 and the model is A1261.

Could you help me to find the cheapest and fastest why to buy and change the screen in Italy?

You can write me here:

Thanks a lot for your support.

Best regards,


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Your English is nearly perfect and is certainly better than my Italian.

Unfortunately, fast repairs and cheap repairs do not always mix.

You also have to factor in that the high resolution screen is not interchangeable and there is no way to know which you have except by the part number on your original LCD or you knowing at which resolution you run.

My suggestion would be to head to the Apple store and have it sent out for the flat rate of repair.

It will take some time but it may be the cheapest way as parts are in the $275 range. (€200)

Alternatively, you could quickly replace it with a new one just to get yourself back to work and making money. In the mean time, fix and sell the old computer with the busted LCD. Expensive, but fast.

I feel as though I have not been much help, but it's food for thought anyway

Buona Fortuna,



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agreed +


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Contact this seller in Italy:

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Parlo Italiano (quasi) e può dire sua domanda in italiano se è più facile per Lei.

A Roma c'è un negozio d'Apple, e può andare (se vuole).

Ma anche, ci sono molti negozi che sono "Apple Authorized" e ho sentito che sono buoni con buon servizio.

Tanti saluti dagli Stati Uniti!

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