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The V2 Controller comes in different Generations. You’re looking at Generation 4.

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The L stick is somehow bound to my L2 trigger

The Left stick on my controller is bound to my L2 trigger, so whenever i move, like in a FPS game, the scope always opens up. That is possibly the best explaination i can give.

i have tried youtube, reddit and have not found a solution

plz if anyone can help..

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Hi Shaadal,

I normally faced issues with other buttons receiving inputs when changing the conductive film or conductive pads of the device. However, these were rectified by properly aligning the film and pad to the controller's base. Since the analog stick is separate from the L2 position it is tricky where the issue is.

Is the film and silicone pads clean, is there any dust on the analog stick, is there any blown-out/cracked components you can see on the motherboard of the controller?

If the inside of the controller is all clean and the mechanical/electronic parts look fine then you could have a shot at replacing the analog stick. Not sure if it will solve the issue but could be worth a shot. Is the L2 button press always registering in one direction of the stick or all directions?

You could also connect your controller to the PC and check this by going to this site:

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Firstly, my controller has stick drift aswell, but it's not too sensitive

Secondly, the L2 trigger works perfectly, but sometimes when I move the left stick in any direction, even slightly, the L2 action happens.

Thirdly, I don't understand why ,but this happens randomly, like for a bit the controller works perfectly but then suddenly it decides to have free will and it will do the L2 action even when I'm not touching anything ,but that has only happened twice ig.


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