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The Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime was the third release of the J Prime series, released in April 2017.

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My J3 Prime doesn't look like the manuals, how do I open it

I have the annoying problem of being told my SD card has been decrypted. Apparently, the only fix is to remove and re-install the SD card: but I can't open the case. All of the manuals and videos and "how to's" say to pry open the case next to the volume controls. My J3 Prime has a rubber case that goes entirely around the phone, with a very fine separation line that goes around the outside. I can't find instructions on how to open this? It definitely says it's a J3 Prime when I start it, and "About Device" says it's a J3 Prime SM-J327T.

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Hi @bartlederman,

Can you remove the phone from the rubber case?

Most phones cases are made of plastic so perhaps your phone has been placed in an additional 3rd party protective rubber case for more protection.

Can you see a fingernail size slot in the rear cover near the volume control through the rubber case?

Post an image of the phone showing the edges etc. in your question.

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I'm a bit embarrassed to admit to this, as I had tried multiple times to take the cover off; and it didn't look like any sort of add-on cover I had ever seen before, especially as it has a parting seam all around it. But you are correct: after reading your post I looked again in a different way, and it is indeed a separate cover that comes off. The phone underneath now looks like the manuals.

On a more positive note: turning the power off and back on again (not doing a restart, a total off and then on cycle) has apparently caused the "SD card was de-encrypted" notice to finally go away without having to remove and replace the card.


The phone did have a type of removeable cover, and after I figured out how to get it off the phone looks like the manuals and can be opened.


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